Small Groups

If you are traveling with family or friends; if you want to make your own customized journey; if you want a closer contact between each other and with your tour guide; if you wish to travel with more flexibility; if you wish reach into the corners, where a large bus cannot go : We provide a minibus with a driver-guide, a qualified licensed tourist guide or a professional tour leader; experienced driver as well with the required license. In our minibus, driven by our guide, there is enough space for up to eight guests and their luggage. We have a whole series of programs for small groups with minibus and driver – guide. However on request, just about any of our tours with small changes to the program, and only a small extra charge can be customized for small-groups. Furthermore, all of our self-drive programs can be made with a minibus, up to 9 travelers.

  • KYK 3 PN

    Cyclades cycling adventure. Paros, Antiparos and Naxos

    Greek IslandsAegean SeaNaxosParos CyclingIsland hoppingMulti activity

    Experience this 7-days cycling adventure to the Cyclades; in the heart of the Aegean Sea. Explore Paros, Antiparos and Naxos! An unforgetable journey to three spectacular Greek islands; from/to the port of Piraeus.
    Private departures!
    Available: April to October

    From 538 EUR

    7 DAYS
    LEVEL 3
  • SGrW1

    Southern Greece walking cultural tour

    Southern GreecePeloponneseDelfi HikingCultureSmall Groups

    A cultural hiking trip in Ancient and Medieval Greece. 6 days/5 nights to the main historical and cultural attractions of the South. Peloponnese and Delphi; a journey off the beaten path!
    Available: Throughout the year!

    From 779 EUR

    6 DAYS
    LEVEL 1
  • NGrW2

    Northern Greece hiking, sightseeing and culture adventure

    Northern GreeceMount OlymposMeteoraVikos Gorge HikingCultureSmall Groups

    A walking and cultural tour to the North of Greece. Hike through the spectaculare gorge of Vikos and meet the picturesque stone villages of Zagori, visit the floating monasteries and discover the hidden gems of Meteors, climb mount Olympus and hike through the gorge of Enippeas. An unforgetable journey in Macedonia, Epirus and Thessaly off the beaten path!
    Available: May - October

    From 915 EUR

    7 DAYS
    LEVEL 4
  • SGrC1

    Southern Greece Cycling Holidays; Peloponnese and Delphi

    PeloponneseDelfi CyclingCultureSmall Groups

    During this cycling adventure in Greece, you will explore the main archeological sites of the Peloponnese and Central Greece; Delphi, Ancient Olympia, Bassae, Mystras, Mycenae, Epidaurus, Athens and more. Over mountains and seas we guide you to the highlights as well as the hidden treasures of the South.
    Available: April - November

    From 1219€

    6 DAYS
    LEVEL 2
  • ONa1

    Experience secret mountainous Central Greece

    HikingEco-toursShort stay

    A short break into the wooded mountainous inland of Central Greece. Enjoy endless nature throughout the year, far from overcrowded places in less advertised destinations. Let’s hike onto old connection paths, walk through shadowed forests and explore picturesque villages of mainland Greece. Live an unforgettable experience and guided by locals discover the hidden gems of a remote mountainous area of Greece!
    Available throughout the year!

    From 60 EUR

    2 DAYS
    LEVEL 2
  • PelMai

    Peloponnese unique hiking and culture experience

    PeloponneseSouthern Greece HikingEco-toursSmall Groups

    Join this hiking and cultural tour to the beautiful landscapes of the Peloponnese. Forested mountains, spectacular gorges, crystalline waters and major archeological sites. Enjoy a scenic sightseeing walk on the fortified hill of Akrocorinth, experience trekking on the certified European path Mainalon Trail in mountainous Arcadia, visit Ancient Olympia and hike through the spectacular gorge of Vouraikos River. An unforgettable small group adventure in Southern Greece!
    Available throughout the year!

    8 hiking days!

    FROM 1064 €

    8 DAYS
    LEVEL 3
  • ONa3

    Walking and sightseeing short stay in Mainland Greece

    HikingEco-toursShort stay

    Discover magnificent forested mountainous regions of Mainland Greece. Away from crowded places in less advertised destinations you enjoy endless nature throughout the year. Let’s go hiking onto old trails, walk through shadowed woods and explore picturesque villages. You have also the opportunity to visit the archeological site of Delphi; a cultural highlight of Greece. Live like a local an adventure off the beaten track and discover the hidden treasures of the mountains of Central Greece!
    Available throughout the year!

    From 90 EUR

    3 DAYS
    LEVEL 2
  • NaAm1

    Cyclades hiking paths. Exploring Naxos and Amorgos

    Greek IslandsCycladesAegean Sea HikingEco-toursCulture

    Join this hiking adventure in an attractive mythical world! Explore Naxos and Amorgos; two Cycladic islands ideal for extended hikes. Barren steep mountains amidst a deep blue sea, vast sandy exotic coasts, lonely Byzantine chapels, beautiful traditional settlements on quiet beaches or hidden in secret places, remains of once mighty castles and pagan temples. Welcome to the Cyclades!
    Available: May - October / Private departures upon request

    From 1168€

    10 DAYS
    LEVEL 3
  • KAR 1

    Greek Easter on Karpathos Island. An unforgettable hiking adventure

    Greek IslandsAegean SeaKarpathos HikingEco-toursSmall Groups

    Live an unforgettable trekking adventure at the edge of the Aegean Sea and experience the solemnity of Holy Week and Easter festive mood on Karpathos. Known for its healthy climate, its untouched landscapes and the maintenance of old customs and traditions; Karpathos is the ideal destination for passionate hikers and adventure lovers who seek to travel off the beaten track.
    24 - 29 April 2019

    622 EUR

    6 DAYS
    LEVEL 3
  • KarRho2

    Explore Karpathos and Rhodes. Hiking and culture to the edge of the Aegean Sea

    RhodesKarpathos HikingCultureSmall Groups

    A 12-days hiking and cultural adventure for small groups, to Karpathos; the hikers’ island with its healthy climate and Rhodes; island of the Sun with its many historical highlights. Beautiful hikes, cultural walks and swimming every day!
    Available: April - October / Private departures upon request

    From 1473 EUR

    12 DAYS
    LEVEL 3
  • CrCW2

    Crete complete tour. A walking, sightseeing, cultural exploration

    Crete HikingCultureSmall Groups

    This is an 11-days complete tour of the "Big-Island" of Crete. Hiking, sightseeing, cultural visits, endless nature, rough mountains, deep canyons, golden beaches, warm people and delicious Cretan cuisine. Join-us in this adventure holiday in Crete off the beaten path!

    11 DAYS
    LEVEL 3
  • AEG 1

    Aegina Island and the Saronic Gulf. Cycling holidays near Athens

    EginaAthens, Attica and Saronic Gulf CyclingIsland hoppingSmall Groups

    An 8-day cycling trip to Aegina Island on the Saronic Gulf. Day excursions to the nearby islands Agistri and Poros, and the volcanic peninsula of Methana.
    Available: Throughout the year / Tailor Made / Guided or Self-guided

    From 784 EUR

    8 DAYS
    LEVEL 3
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