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This is a beautiful cycling and MTB experience in the untouched nature of the region of Arcadia. For one week you ride through the spectacular landscapes of Arcadia; a mountainous region in the center of the Peloponnese, and one of the less populated areas in modern Greece. During antiquity, the Arcadians were considered as a shepherd people who had their own customs and lived under rather harsh conditions. Already since the Hellenistic era, Arcadia refers to a vision of pastoralism and harmony with nature. The inhabitants were often regarded as having continued to live after the manner of the Golden Age, without the pride and avarice that corrupted other regions. This idea was taken up in the Renaissance and the Baroque and inspired European art and literature during the ages. “Et in Arcadia ego”!


Day 1: Cycling around Artemis’ mountain

Morning departure from Athens and transfer to the Peloponnese. MTB around Mt Artemision; a mountain dedicated, during antiquity, to goddess Artemis (Diana of the Romans). Transfer to Vytina; a lovely lively traditional village, located at a high plateau on the foot of Mt Mainalon, in the center of Arcadia. 5 nights in Vytina.
- Cycling/MTB: circular, 31 km, ± 1350 m, paved secondary roads and dirt (50%), moderate to demanding
- Driving: 208 km, 3 h

Day 2: Mountainous villages and peaceful landscapes

Your MTB tour, which starts from your hotel, leads you through splendid diverse peaceful landscapes at the north of Vytina. You reach Magouliana; the highest inhabited village of the Peloponnese, you ride through Valtesiniko, Drakovouni and other beautiful picturesque mountainous villages in a sparce populated area.
- Cycling/MTB: circular, 57 km, ± 1670 m, paved secondary roads and dirt (27%), moderate to demanding

Day 3: Biking through the fantastic forest of west Mainalon

This MTB tour also departs directly from your hotel and goes mainly through the spectacular forest of west Mainalon mountain; one of the most remote areas of the Peloponnese. You pass through the traditional villages of Dimitsana and Stemnitsa; the so-called stone jewels of Arcadia, which are the commercial center of the area, and through Zygovysti; a solitary and abandoned small village.
- Cycling/MTB: circular, 52 km, ± 1335 m, paved secondary roads and dirt (62%), moderate to demanding

Day 4: In the dense conifer wood of central Mainalon

The forest of Mainalon is one of the largest contiguous wooded zones of Greece. An almost exclusively conifers’ forest. MTB tour directly from your hotel, through the dense forest of central Mainalon, passing by the high plateau of Arpakoti.
- Cycling/MTB: circular, 44 km, ± 1390 m, paved secondary roads and dirt (55%), moderate to demanding

Day 5: On Lykaion Mountain and to the sanctuary of Epikourios Apollo

Morning tranfer to Andritsaena (about 75 km). MTB tour around Mt Lykaion; a two-peaks mountain dedicated to Zeus, during the antiquity. You can ascent by bike to the second highest peak, where the Arcadians used to perform sacrifices to honor Zeus. You reach the temple of Epikourios Apollo; a real masterpiece and an UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Site, in the mountainous solitude on the foot of Mt Kotylion. The temple is a work of Iktinos; the architect of the Parthenon, it is protected under a giant tent and you will visit. Transfer back to Vytina.
- Cycling/MTB: circular, 50 km, ± 1700 m, paved secondary roads and dirt (56%), moderate to demanding

Day 6: Around Mt Aphrodision

This is the last day of your Arcadian adventure. You go cycling on a panoramic road around Mt Aphrodision; a mountain once dedicated to goddess Aphrodite (Venus for the Romans). You cross the traditional village of Kontovazena and other small mountainous villages. On a passage at 1150 m high, you can visit the excavation of Aphrodite’s sanctuary next to Saint Peter’s chapel. Return to Athens. Farewell!
- Cycling/MTB: circular, 52 km, ± 1580 m, paved secondary roads, moderate to demanding
- Driving: 250 km, 3 h 30 min


- 6 cycling tours in MTB on paved roads and dirt trails, at about 1000 m of altitude are proposed. However, there are alternatives.
- This holiday is not addressed to professional athletes but in well trained cyclists in good physical condition.


From 895 EUR per person


- Transfers in private vehicle and cycling tours as described in the itinerary
- Driver / Tour leader for the whole tour
- Quality bicycle (MTB)
- 5 nights in 3 stars hotel or guesthouse
- Professional liability insurance
- VAT 24% and all taxes


- Additional overnights in Athens or Eleonas
- Airport transfers


- Flights to/from Greece
- Entry fees in sites and museums
- Other meals or snacks
- Drinks/beverages
- Personal travel insurance
- Other extras


- Single room supplement 135 EUR
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