Island hopping and cycling holidays near Athens

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This is a 7-days cycling experience in a friendly archipelago very close to the Greek capital. You explore at your pace the island of Aegina, the neighbor island of Agistri, Poros and the volcanic peninsula of Methana. Sanctuaries of ancient gods, Christian churches, volcanoes and thermal springs; only 1h30min from Piraeus and you find yourself in another world.
Aegina: A neoclassical town with a traditional fishing port. You enjoy its beautiful countryside cycling through olive trees, vineyards and pistachio trees, which is typical of this island. You pass by the huge pilgrimage church of St. Nektarios; one of the most recent saints of the Orthodox Church (20th century), the medieval ruins of Palaea Chora with churches decorated with frescoes and the castle ruins on the hill, the spectacular sanctuary of Aphaia; probably the highlights of Aegina Island.
Agistri: A lovely small green island close to Aegina, which has always been on the edge of history. It is calm, picturesque and relaxing.
Poros: A very picturesque wooded island with a neoclassical town, located very close to the east coast of the Peloponnese. Poseidon; god of the sea was revered there. Little is preserved nowadays of his sanctuary.
Methana: It is an island-like volcanic peninsula famous for its thermal baths and an ancient acropolis. The volcano of Kameni Chora was still active during the historical times.


Day 1: Welcome!

At the port of Piraeus, you pick up your bikes and take the ferry to Aegina (1h30min). 3 nights on Aegina

Day 2: Aegina. The sanctuary of an ancient goddess. Zeus and Christ on the island

Cycling to the Sanctuary of Aphaia and, via Agia Marina and Anitseo to the sanctuary of Hellanios Zeus. You can park your bikes and go for a short hike to Mt. Oros, at 531 m, to enjoy magnificent view from the chapel on the peak. You eventually return to the town of Aegina.
Cycling: Circular, 44 km, + 1000 m / - 1000m, moderate
Hiking: (Mt. Oros), + 280 m/ - 280m, simple

Day 3: Agistri. A small, quiet and picturesque island

You take the ferry to the neighbor island of Agistri (30 min). Cycling tour from Skala via Metochi and Milos to Limenaria. You return through the pine forest. Ferry to Aegina.
Cycling: circular, 22 km, + 410 m / - 410 m, partly to dirt roads, moderate

Day 4: Aegina: A beautiful church, two monasteries and a medieval town

In the morning you can visit the archaeological museum. Then you go cycling to the north of the island, where you will have the opportunity to visit the monastery of Agios Nectarios and the ruins of a medieval town. You return to the town of Aegina via Souvala. Ferry to Poros (approx. 1h30min). 2 nights on Poros.
Cycling: circular, 23 km, + 480 m / - 480 m, moderate

Day 5: Poros. A pine forest, sanctuaries and a traditional settlement

Poros is a green island, close to the coast of Argolis. By bicycle you round most of the island: you get to Poseidon’s sanctuary and Zoodochos Pigi Monastery. In the afternoon you can visit the picturesque harbor town and go for swimming.
Cycling: circular, 24 km, + 410 m / - 410 m, dirt road, moderate

Day 6: From Galatas to Methana

Ferry to Galatas on the mainland coast (10 min). Cycling towards Methana Peninsula and to the village of Methana. On the way, an interesting deviation to the village of Trizina at the place of Ancien Troezen and to the excavation of the sanctuary of Hippolytos is possible. 2 nights in Methana.
Cycling: 23 km, + 460 m / - 460 m, moderate

Day 7: Methana: Thermal springs in a volcanic peninsula

From the town of Methana you go cycling via Kameni Chora to the volcano, where you can climb and admire the panoramic view of the Saronic Gulf. You return to the port, partly on an alternative road. It's also possible to continue through the pine wood to the inland of the peninsula and then bike down to the port by the other side.
Cycling: 29 km, + 600 m / - 600 m, moderate OR 44 km, + 1400 m / - 1400 m, moderate to demanding
Hiking: + 100 m / - 100 m, 45 min roundtrip, simple

Day 8: Farewell!

Return to Athens. Farewell!


- 6 generally moderate cycling tours between 20 and 40 km
- 2 beautiful walks


621 € per person, in double room


- 7 overnights in middle class hotels (3 in Aegina, 2 in Poros, 2 in Methana)
- Breakfast in the hotel
- Well maintained or new bicycle, e-bikes also available
- Ferry tickets Piraeus – Aegina, Aegina – Agistri, Agistri – Aegina, Aegina – Poros
- Transfer Methana - Athens
- Roadbook and GPS tracks
- Luggage transportation where from Galatas (Poros) to Methana
- Professional liability insurance
- VAT 24%


- Airport transfers
- Airport transfers
- Tour Leader for the whole tour
- Additional days in Athens or the islands


- Flights to/from Greece
- Poros – Galatas ferry tickets (only possible to buy on the spot)
- Meals (others than breakfast), drinks / beverages
- Entry fees in museums, sites
- Personal travel insurance
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