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Adventure and culture tours around Athens.
Are-you visiting Athens and you wish to explore more? Do-you need a quick escape from the vibrant city? Are-you looking for an activity tour? You would like an out-of-the usual cultural and archeological guided day-excursion in and around Athens? We are your people!
Nature, culture, activity, history, archeology, geology, ecology, every-day life, rural activity…
We offer private walking and biking day excursions or half-day escapes in or near Athens throughout the year! Our hikes and bike adventures and cultural tours take you to secret places but also to historical sites of major importance. Where history meets legend and where past meets present, we guide you over mountains and seas, through picturesque landscapes and shady woods, to remote fortresses and lonely chapels, onto ancient trails and historical places, beautiful islands and rural areas. Private departures every day!
Hereafter you will find only few of your endless possibilities for short activity tours near the city of Athens.
Share with us your special requests and live a unique travel experience tailor-made just for you. Ask also for our 2-3 day adventures!
Contact us and join our day adventures and discover hidden treasures near the capital of Greece!

  • DT_AegC

    Day tour from Athens. Biking Aegina Island

    Greek IslandsAeginaAthens Day toursCyclingShort stay

    In this day excursion from Athens to the island of Aegina you bike through the peaceful landscapes of this beautiful island of the Saronic Gulf, you visit its main cultural sites and discover hidden treasures. Be it guided or self-guided, this cycling tour is a great adventure near the capital of Greece!
    Available: Throughout the year / Private departures every day

    From 87 EUR

    1 DAYS
    LEVEL 2
  • DT_Lav1

    Explore Lavreotiki and Sounion. Day adventures near Athens

    AthensSounioLavrio Port Day toursHikingCultural Tours

    A full-day walking tour out-of-the beaten track to the southeast tip of Attica. Activity, culture, nature, history and geology coexist in this beautiful eco-tour! Discover secret places and hidden treasures only 50km from the city of Athens.
    Available: Throughout the year / Private departures every day

    From 68 EUR

    1 DAYS
    LEVEL 2
  • DT_Hym1

    Discover secret Hymettus. Hiking next to Athens

    Athens Day toursHalf-day tourHiking

    Join us in a surprisingly peaceful hike in the heart of a wonderful mountain rich in biodiversity, you wouldn’t expect so close to the vibrant city of Athens. A walking eco-tour just 15 minutes away from the Acropolis. Either you seek for a scenic sightseeing walk or a demanding hike, Mt. Hymettus has the perfect trails for you!
    Available: Throughout the year / Private departures every day

    From 52 EUR

    1 DAYS
    LEVEL 2
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