Delphi and Osios Loukas. Day cultural tour

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During this full guided tour you will visit one of the most important ancient sites of Greece, which is also a World Cultural Heritage Site of UNESCO; known as the “navel of the world” during antiquity as it was considered to be located in the center of the world. The famous oracle of Apollo was there, where its priestess; Pytheia, in a trance-like state was spoken the prophecies of the god of light and where Greeks and foreigners were arriving seeking the will of gods and their destiny. You will also visit the monastery of Osios Loukas; also a World Cultural Heritage Site, with its splendid mosaics.


Early in the morning you leave Athens. You travel westwards and slightly to the north and through the plain of Thebe; on the spot of the legendary ancient town. Before leaving the region of Boeotia, you will have the opportunity to visit the Byzantine Monastery of Osios Loukas, with its magnificent golden mosaics. You continue further and you reach Delphi, where you will get guided in this unique place. Via the Sacred Way, passing by the treasures of different city-states, you ascent to Apollo’s temple, the theatre and the stadium, where the Pythian Games took place. You will visit the treasury of the Athenians and the sanctuary of Athena Pronea. The archaeological museum includes the famous Bronze Charioteer (Iniochos) of Delfi, sculptures from the treasure of Siphnos, two colossal “kouros” from Argos and the remains of three gold and ivory statues.
Coffee stop or/and lunch break in the lovely provincial town of Delphi; amphitheatrically built on the slopes of Mt. Parnassus with magnificent view on the Corinthian gulf. There will be time to walk around the village, take pictures and relax, before leave for Athens.
Total transfers, from/to Athens: about 380 km


per person
For 6-8 travelers: 58 EUR
For 4-5 travelers: 69 EUR
For 3 travelers: 80 EUR
For 2 travelers: 101 EUR


- All transfers in a comfortable private vehicle with driver (from/to Athens)
- Entry ticket for the site and the museum
- Flexible cancellation policy
- Professional liability insurance
- All legal taxes


- Guided visits with a licensed tour guide
- Overnight in Delphi
- Further visiting and/or activities
- Different pick up / drop off place


- Entry tickets
- Meals / snacks / drinks / beverages
- Personal travel insurance
- Accommodations
- Tips / other extras
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