• ONa3

    Walking and sightseeing short stay in Mainland Greece

    HikingEco-toursShort stay

    Discover magnificent forested mountainous regions of Mainland Greece. Away from crowded places in less advertised destinations you enjoy endless nature throughout the year. Let’s go hiking onto old trails, walk through shadowed woods and explore picturesque villages. You have also the opportunity to visit the archeological site of Delphi; a cultural highlight of Greece. Live like a local an adventure off the beaten track and discover the hidden treasures of the mountains of Central Greece!

    Available throughout the year!

    From 90 EUR

    3 DAYS
    LEVEL 2
  • WGD1

    Culture and nature family adventure in Mainland Greece

    NafpaktosMesologgiDelfi Eco-toursFamilyMulti activity

    Visit lovely provincial towns, discover unique ecosystems, swim in crystalline sea, walk onto shadowed mountainous paths, dive in the ancient and modern Greek history. Nature, culture and adventure in southern Central Greece.

    7 DAYS
    LEVEL 2
  • MGrMlt1

    Mainland Greece multiactivity adventure. Hiking, cycling, rafting, kayak

    Central GreeceSouthern Greece Multi activityCyclingRafting

    This is a multiactivity short stay in the west part of Central Greece. Rafting in Evinos River through landscapes of unparallel beauty, Cycling eco-guided tour around the lagoon of Messolonghi and hiking in the remote wooded mountainous area of Nafpaktia. Accommodation by the sea and swimming possible every day!
    Available: troughout the year

    From 260 EUR

    3 DAYS
    LEVEL 2
  • WG2

    Western Greece ecotour

    Central Greece Eco-toursEducationThematic tours

    We guide you to the treasures of the Western Central Greece: Beautiful coastline, protected wetlands and forested mountains, historic towns and picturesque villages. A five-day experience that includes nature, history and activity for all ages. Perfect for schools but also for families.

    5 DAYS
    LEVEL 1
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