Volunteering holiday in Mainland Greece; May 2019

Mountain trails maintenance volunteering in Central Greece. 14-19 May 2019

14-19 May 2019
Let's participate in the week of conservation of hiking and MTB trails in the mountainous area of Nafpaktia, in Central Greece, and help the locals to maintain the pathways they have opened with their own hands and cost whilst you enjoy the endless nature; mixt fir and chestnut forest during spring when indigenous flora is at its full blossom. Contact us and be part of a collective work and enjoy local hospitality in this less advertised destination of Central Greece, about 50km far from the sea and the picturesque city of Nafpaktos. A four seasons destination that has everything; mountains, sea, lakes, lagoons, rivers, picturesque villages, historical cities and cultural sites.
Ask for our tours you can combine with this volunteering holiday and explore a beautiful though less advertised part of Mainland West Greece.
Possibe activities: hiking, cycling, rafting, kayak, boating and more…

Experience Mainland Greece! 

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