Journey to Kythera

A walking adventure to the hidden treasures of an island south of the Peloponnese

According to the myth, at the sea of Kythera, Aphrodite, goddess of beauty and love, was born; when drops of the blood of Uranus touched the sea, after him being severely injured by Titan Kronos.

A magnificent island with a unique relief, pristine landscapes and rough rocky canyons, abandoned citadels and byzantine churches, remote castles and picturesque villages, cascades and old watermills, deep coves, extended beaches and shipwrecks …
A mystic place of unparalleled beauty full of contrasts that enchants the visitor!

Walking is surely the best way to explore this beautiful island, located at the crossroads of maritime routes to/from the eastern Mediterranean Sea, between Cape Maleas and cape Taenaron, opposite the legendary Laconian land. Kythera, the Venetians’ Cerigo, has been inhabited since the Neolithic era and it has always been a welcoming place for pirates, colonists, ascetics and persecuted.

During Easter we travelled to Kythera.
We felt the solemnity of the Holy Week and we participated to the celebration of Easter when locals and visitors become a group.
We taste local specialties prepared with products of the blessed Cytherian land; olive oil, wine, honey, typical rusks, fine herbs and sea salt collected directly from the rocks!
We admired wild flowers; a spring feast of colors and smells.
We enjoyed hiking under the blue sky, through hilly landscapes covered with olive trees, cypress, pine trees and shrubs, into deep canyons, towards remote castles, solitary chapels and onto trails with panoramic view to the sparkling blue of the Mediterranean Sea.

April 2018.
Hiking and culture spring holidays to the island of Cytherian Aphrodite, with our beloved guests from Cologne.
It was a pleasure to welcome you once again to our beautiful country!

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