Vineyards on historical lands. A wine-tour in Classical Greece

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  • Ancient Nemea: The sanctuary of Zeus
  • Mycenae: Atrides citadel
  • Nafplio: The picturesque former capital
  • Olympia: The cradle of the Olympic Games
  • Hosios Loukas: Byzantine convent with magnificent golden mosaic
  • Delphi: The Navel of the world
  • Wine tasting at 6 wineries on antique holy ground
A 9-day wine-tour in the northern part of the Peloponnese and the southern of Central Greece, visiting the classical sites and several wineries. We will visit the archeological sites of Ancient Nemea, Mycenae, Olympia and Delphi, the monasteries of Loukous and Hosios Loukas, the old capital of Modern Greece Nafplio and the legendary dreamland Arcadia. Wine tasting in six wineries; farewell dinner in Plaka, the old town of Athens. To/from Athens


Day 1: Welcome. To Argolis

Arrival in Athens. Via the coastal road along the Saronic Gulf and over the Corinth Canal (short stop) we reach the Peloponnese. Through the densely populated, since ever, region of Argolis we arrive in Nafplion or Tolo. 3 nights

Day 2: The ancient wine region of Nemea

Nemea, one of the oldest known wine growing regions of the world, will be our first destination of the day. The Nemean Lion, killed by Hercules, might have been the last surviving lion in the Peloponnese. There, the Nemean Games were celebrated, an event little inferior to the Olympic Games. After visiting the sanctuary of Zeus, the museum and the stadium, we get to the winery of Lantidis, where the wine of Agiorgitiko grape is produced. Agamemnon and Clytemnestra have been drinking this wine. On our way back we’re visiting their residence, the legendary “golden” Mycenae.

Day 3: Nafplio, the old capital. Argos, inhabited since the Neolithic era

The fortress of Palamidi provides a unique view of Nafplion and Argolis. A walk around the old town of Nafplion will bring us closer to the origins of contemporary Greece, while the Archaeological Museum opens a window to the past. Through orange and olive groves and vineyards, we reach the ancient theatre of Argos, perhaps the oldest European city, and the winery of Palyvos or Skouras. The vines are probably ancient but we will taste wine from more recent vintages.

Day 4: Mountains, Churches and Wineries in Arcadia

From the Gulf of Argos to the Monastery of Loukous (12th century) and through olive groves we reach Arcadia. On the high plateau of Mantineia no olive trees grow, only vines! The Moschofilero grape variety dominates the area. In one of the local wineries, Tselepos or Spyropoulos, we will taste the local flavour. In Tegea we will visit the church of Episkopi. Overnight in a mountain village.

Day 5: The cradle of the Olympic Games and a wine region too

Transfer, through the scenic Arcadian landscape, to the sacred land of Elis. In Ancient Olympia, cradle of the Olympic Games, we visit the archaeological site: the Stadium, the Palestra, the Sanctuaries of Hera and of Zeus and the museum with the unique sculptures. Then, we go to the winery of Merkouris to savour the same wine, with which the Olympic winners celebrated their victory. Overnight in Anc. Olympia.

Day 6: An historic wine-cellar, a picturesque old harbour, a Byzantine monastery with golden mosaic

The winery of Achaia Clauss, the first export-oriented winery in modern Greece, is located on a green hill 8km south east from the center of Patras. The buildings’ (since 1861) interior is a fine example of industrial architecture of that period. Mavrodaphne is the grape variety of the region and so the name of the famous dessert wine. We will taste it! By ferry or via the Rio-Antirio Bridge we reach Central Greece. We visit the city of Nafpaktos (Venetians’ Lepanto), the romantic seamen’s town of Galaxidi and the Monastery of Hosios Loukas with its gold mosaic, before reaching Delphi where we spend 2 nights.

Day 7: The Navel of the World; an Oracle, sacred olive groves and olive oil

Delphi lies on the slopes of Mount Parnassus. There was located the most famous oracle of the ancient world but also the centre of diplomacy. Apollo was the god of clairvoyance and fortune telling. We visit the excavation site of the sanctuary and the beautiful museum. In an olive-mile, overlooking one of the greatest contiguous olive groves of Greece, we’ll find out how olive oil, the holy juice, is extracted.

Day 8: The mountain of Muses, the land of Minyans and a winery. Back to Athens

Transfer to the ancient city of Orchomenos and to Chatzimichalis’ winery, where the homonymous wine is produced, near one of the most significant battlefield of the occidental culture, Thermopylae. In the afternoon we arrive in Athens. Walk through Plaka, Athens’ old town, dinner in a traditional Greek tavern, wine from Mesogaia, the ancient (and modern) winemaking area of Attica. 1 night in Athens

Day 9: Goodbye

We pack spirit and senses and off to the airport



  • Transfers and tours, as specified in the program
  • 8 overnight stays on HB basis, in quiet, mid-class hotels
  • Visit at the wineries and wine tasting
  • Professional licensed tourist guide


  • Flights to/from Greece
  • Admissions to museums and excavations
  • Drinks/beverages


In double room: 781€ / person
In single room: 941€ / person
  • Athens
  • Nemea
  • Mycenae
  • Nafplio
  • Mantineia
  • Ancient Epidaurus
  • Olympia
  • Patras
  • Delfi
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