The island of the Sun. A guided cultural tour to Rhodes

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  • The Knights’ Citadels of the city of Rhodes, the most extensive medieval town in the Eastern Mediterranean, an UNESCO World Heritage Site.
  • The sanctuary of Athena Lindia on the Acropolis of Lindos
  • The neoclassical capital of Symi
An 8-day cultural trip with hiking opportunities on the island of the Sun; Rhodes. The history of Rhodes is marked by two flowering periods: The first, during the Hellenistic times it was an independent marine state and major trade center of the eastern Mediterranean, when glorious buildings were created in the cities of Lindos and Rhodes. The second, during the late Middle Ages, when the Knights of St.John’s Order ruled in Rhodes, for a long time the island was the last outpost of Christianity in the Levant. Cleobulus the Rhodian was one of the Seven Sages of antiquity. The Colossus of Rhodes was one of the Seven Wonders of the World. The ruins of ancient Lindos and the mighty knights’ citadel of the City of Rhodes are among the most fascinating sights in the Aegean, with the old city of Rhodes figuring in the list of World Cultural Heritage Sites of UNESCO. During this holiday, we will have the opportunity for some refreshing optional walks of maximum duration of 90 minutes.


Day 1: Arrival in Rhodes

Arrival to Rhodes airport. Transfer to the hotel. Time to relax, swim or a walk on the beach. 7 overnights.

Day 2: The Knights’ Citadel in the City of Rhodes

Rhodes, the island capital, has the most extensive medieval town in the eastern Mediterranean. Sightseeing walk in the citadel with the Grand Master's Palace, the Archaeological Museum and the Knight Street. At the harbor of Mandraki, amazing is the set of representative buildings from the Italian period. The afternoon is at leisure or opportunity to walk through the moat around the medieval town.

Day 3: The mount Prophet Elias and the Butterfly Valley

We visit the Byzantine church of Saint Nicholas Foudouklis and the chapel of Prophet Elias. Near the mountain peak, in the pine woods, stand two hotels built in Tyrolean style, date from the Italian period: Elafos and Elafina (Buck and Doe). Opportunity for a short circular hike. Lunch break in the traditional village Salakos. In the afternoon we visit the Butterfly Valley, where butterflies of the genus Callimorpha quadripunktaria pair in summer. Hiking opportunity through the narrow, lush valley to the monastery Kalopetra.

Day 4: Ancient cities and mount Filerimos

Transfer to the ancient Acropolis of Rhodes city and stroll through the extensive excavation site. We visit the ruins of Apollo’s temple, the stadium and the Odeon. On the mount Filerimos, in the place of the ancient Acropolis of Ialyssos a Knights fortress was built. We can see next to the ruins of Athena’s sanctuary, the convent of St. John’s Knights and the St. George's Chapel with its frescoes. On the south west coast was the dominion of ancient Kameiros. During the Middle Age, the city was abandoned. In picturesque solitude, the eye wanders from the excavation site over the southern part of the island far to Asia Minor.

Day 5: Lindos and the Sanctuary of Athena Lindia

Transfer to Lindos, one of the most picturesque places in the Aegean. We walk through the traditional settlement towards the medieval castle and visit the sanctuary of Athena Lindia, one of the most important pilgrimage sites of the ancient world. Lindos was the homeland of Cleobulus, one of the seven sages of antiquity, and the sculptor Chares, whose work is believed to be the Colossus of Rhodes. In the afternoon: opportunity for a short hike to the beautiful valley of the seven springs. We visit a traditional pottery in the village of Archangelos.

Day 6: Boat trip to the neighbour island of Symi

A strait separates Symi from the coast of Asia Minor. A jagged coastline with deep coves characterizes the landscape of this island. Sponge diving and maritime trade had contributed to its former prosperity. Its extensive neoclassical main town is the witness of the flowering past. We visit the monastery of Panormitis, an important pilgrimage site, where the Archangel Michael is revered as the protector of sailors. We walk through the main town of Symi and stroll to the Knights Castle.

Day 7: The fortresses of Monolithos and Kritinia

To the south of the island, we visit the fortress of Monolithos, where the Grand Master of the knights, Dieudonné de Gozon, had fought against the dragon, and the Church of St. Panteleimon in the village Sianna, famous for its good honey and a better tasting grape liquor. Wine tasting in Embona, the main wine region of the island, situated on the slopes of mount Atabyros. Opportunity for an afternoon hike through the village of Kritinia to the nearby Knights fortress.

Day 8: Goodbye!

Transfer to the airport and departure.


  • Accommodation: 7 overnight stays in a well-kept middle class hotel
  • Meals: 7 dinners in the hotel
  • Transfers and excursions as describe in the program, in a comfortable bus
  • Professional Greek tourist guide
  • Boat trip to Symi
  • Admissions to museums and excavations


  • Flights to/from Rhodes
  • Other meals


In double room: 826€ per person
For a single room: 966 € per person
  • Lindos
  • Simi
  • Kamiros
  • Rhodos city
  • Ialyssos
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