Trekking in the mountainous heart of the Peloponnese

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This is a unique hiking experience based on the certified European path “Menalon Trail”; in the region of mountainous Arkadia, in the center of the Peloponnese. Mount Mainalon is a unified natural, cultural and historical space, which has inspired European art and literature over the centuries; “Et in Arcadia ego”. It is a unique geomorphological formation where the continuous succession of dozens of peaks and ravines, hundreds mountainous meadows and high plateaus forms an impressively varied relief. The area of Mainalo mountain range presents a great variability of habitats offering shelter to many Greek endemic plant species. However, the most important formations are those of the forest ecosystems with Abies cephalonica (Greek fir) and Pinus nigra subsp. pallasiana (Palla’s pine), which are the thickest and best represented in the Peloponnese. Several remarkable amphibians, reptiles and mammals have been recorded in this site. (NATURA 2000, GR2520001)


Day 1: Welcome in mountainous Arcadia!

Transfer to Stemnitsa; the town of silversmith. A picturesque historical village with stone mansions and typical stone paved alleys, overlooking the high cliffs of Lousios Gorge; built on the site of the ancient Arcadian city of Hypsous, at an altitude of 1080 m. Overnight in Stemnitsa.
Transfer: Athens – Tripolis – Stemnitsa, approx. 3 h / 200 km

Day 2: The spectacular gorge of Lousios River

Today you hike through Lousios Gorge! After breakfast, you leave the traditional settlement of Stemnitsa and after passing a zone of old fields you enter the spectacular gorge. You walk on the old connection path, visiting Prodromos’s and Philossopher’s Monasteries; nested on the vertical cliffs. You continue your hike and after passing the open-air hydropower museum, you reach the traditional settlement of Dimitsana; another picturesque historical town at the opposite side of Lousios Gorge. This is the liveliest village of the mountainous area of Gortynia. You continue hiking over the hills and eventually you arrive at Zygovisti; a very quiet village on a plateau, at an altitude of 1200 m. Transfer to Dimitsana (9 km, 15 min). Overnight in Dimitsana.
Hiking: Stemnitsa – Dimitsana – Zygovisti, 16.7 km, 5h30min, +1085m / - 915m, moderate-demanding

Day 3: A beautiful hike through West Mainalon forest

Transfer to Zygovisti (9 km, 15 min). You leave the picturesque village behind and after the chapel of St. George you enter the forest of West Menalon Mountain. Today you go hiking in one of the most remote areas of the Peloponnese passing by springs, plateaus and saddles, whilst following the traces of old mule ways. You reach the highest point of the whole Menalon Trail; at an altitude of approx. 1550 m. A short side trip to the viewpoint of Paliovouni Peak; at 1634 m, is also possible. End point of today’s hike is the village of Elati. Transfer to the lively village of Vytina (9 km, 15 min). Overnight in Vytina.
Hiking: Zygovysti – Elati, 13.4 km, 4h, + 625m / - 625m, moderate

Day 4: Walking along the Mylaon Stream

Transfer to Elati (9 km, 15 min). Today you hike mostly on a path that follows of the Milaon Stream. The path winds through lush vegetation, passes by the acropolis of the ancient Arcadian city of Methydrion, the ruins of watermills and an old stone bridge. The trail leads to Vytina, continues to a lookout point into the Mylaon Gorge and then it goes down back to the riverbed. You continue hiking through the Mylaon gorge and eventually you reach the small picturesque village of Nymphasia. Transfer to Vytina (4 km, 10 min). Overnight in Vytina.
Hiking: Elati – Vytina - Nymfasia, 14.1 km, 4h, + 475m / - 670m, simple-moderate

Day 5: Kernitsa Monastery, Sfyrida Hermitage and the highest inhabited village of the Peloponnese

Transfer to Nymfasia (4 km, 10 min). Through a beautiful oak wood, you walk down to Kernitsa Bridge and after crossing Milaon Stream the trail leads to the modern monastic complex of the Kernitsa. You hike through the dense fir forest towards the impressive hermitage of Sfyrida; built against the steep slopes. Waking through beautiful landscapes, you eventually reach the quiet picturesque stone village of Magouliana; at the altitude of 1240m, it is today the highest inhabited village of the Peloponnese! You walk through the alleys of this traditional settlement and you continue your hike on a path that follows a riverbed with abundant vegetation towards Valtesiniko; another traditional stone village with impressive churches and a monumental old school building. Overnight in Valtesiniko.
Hiking: Nymfasia – Magouliana – Valtesiniko, 16km, 5hmin, + 845m / - 625m, moderate

Day 6: Change of scenery: From the dense forest to the eroded hills

Today you walk on old mule tracks and dirt roads, passing by points with splendid view, especially to the high mountains in the north. You cross several meadows and once more the dense fir forest. Then the scenery changes: You hike on the Langadia Mountains. Abandoned fields, lonely meadows and eroded hills characterize the landscape. Eventually you arrive at Langadia; an impressive stone village built in a panoramic position, on the brink of a precipice, at an altitude of 1000 m. Overnight in Langadia.
Hiking: Valtesiniko – Langadia, 14.8km, 4h30min, + 610m / - 805m, moderate

Day 7: Farewell!

This unforgettable trekking experience to the mountainous heart of the Peloponnese ends. During the day, transfer to Athens or following tour*.
Transfer: Langadia – Tripolis – Athens, 3 h / 220 km approx.

Alternative day 7: Visit of Ancient Olympia

Transfer to Olympia. Visit to the museum and the Archaeological site. Overnight in Olympia or Katakolon.
Transfer: Lagadia – Ancient Olympia, 1 h 25 min / 62 km


- 5 hiking days / 5 moderate to demanding hikes
- Not intended for professional athletes though a good shape and a certain experience are required.
- Equipment: hiking boots, hiking sticks (very useful), day backpack, raincoat. Depending on the season additional equipment may be recommended.


From 501 EUR in double room
Single room supplement: 190 EUR

For 7-8 travelers: 501 EUR per person in double
For 4-6 travelers: 516 EUR per person in double
For    3 travelers: 544 EUR per person in double
For    2 travelers: 638 EUR per person in double


- Accommodation: 6 nights in hotel or traditional guesthouses
- Breakfast
- Roadbook and GPS tracks
- Luggage transfprtation between the accommodations
- Transfers to the starting point of the hike / from the ending point of the hike, where required
- 24/7 emergency contact
- Professional liability insurance
- VAT 24% and all taxes


- Transfers from/to Athens or Tripoli
- Local hiking guide
- Car rental from/to Athens or Tripolis
- Alternative day 7, visit to Anc. Olympia and overnight
- Single room or triple room


- Personal travel insurance
- Other meals than breakfast
- Snacks, drinks, tips
- Everything is not included in the “services” paragraph


Simplified version of this tour is also available.
  • Dimitsana
  • Vytina
  • Stemnitsa
  • Elati
  • Nymfasia
  • Magouliana
  • Valtesiniko
  • Lagadia
  • Olympia
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