Northern Greece hiking, sightseeing and culture adventure

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16/05/2019, 13/06/2019, 11/07/2019, 05/09/2019, 03/10/2019


  • Vikos Gorge; a Guiness record canyon
  • Hiking trhough the gorge of Enippeas
  • Climbing Mt. Olympus; the highest Greek mountain
  • Meteora; walking in a breathtaking scenery between the impressive rocks and the monasteries
This is a hiking and culture tour for small groups, which starts from and ends to Thessaloniki; the capital of North Greece. For one week we travel through Macedonia, Epirus and Thessaly, through beautiful landscapes and picturesque towns, to historical sites and natural reserves. We climb Olympus; the highest mountain of Greece, we hike through the gorge of Enippeas and the gorge of Vikos, we visit the Meteora monasteries; walking in a scenery of extreem beauty between the huge rocks. A journey to the escence of Northern Greece. An unforgetable eperience!


Day 1: Welcome in Northern Greece

Today you meet your tour leader in Thessaloniki. 1 overnight in Thessaloniki.

Day 2: Zagori the “Land behind the Mountains”

We leave the city of Thessaloniki; the capital of the North and we travel towards the region of Epirus in the northwest part of Greece and the picturesque area of Zagori, with its traditional stone-built villages and the wild beauty of its landscape. Overnight in Monodendri.
Transfer: approx. 290 km / 3h30min

Day 3: The gorge of Vikos: The deepest canyon of the world

Today we hike through the spectacular gorge of Vikos, in the National Park Vikos-Aoos, to the homonymous village. The gorge of Vikos, with a length of 20km, is listed in the Guinness Book of Records as the deepest canyon in the world, in proportion to its width. The main part of the gorge stretches between the villages Vikos and Monodendri, and has a depth of about 1000m. After this beautiful hike, we travel towards the region of Thessaly and the village of Kastraki; a picturesque town at the feet of the Meteors. 2 overnights in Kastraki.
Hiking: 5 hrs, -550m, +250m, moderate-demanding
Transfer: approx. 150 km / 2h30min

Day 4: Exploring Meteora

This day we explore the area of Meteora; hiking in a breathtaking scenery between the impressive gigantic rocks. We will have the opportunity to visit two of the monasteries built on the rocks. A circular hike from/to the village of Kastraki.
Hiking: 4h, +300m/-300m, moderate

Day 5: Last explorations in Meteora. Travel to Mt. Olympus

In the morning we go for our last explorations and a last walk in the Meteors. In the afternoon, we cross the plain of Thessaly, we pass through the narrow valley of Tempi between Mt. Olympus and Mt. Ossa and via the town of Litochoro we get at Prionia; at 1040 m high, in the Olympus’ National Park; at the east slopes of the Mountain of the Gods. We hike through the "Forest of Silence" at the upper part of Enippeas Gorge to the mountain refuge "Spilios Agapitos", at 2100 m. Diner and overnight in the hut.
Hiking 1: 1h15min, +50m/-250m, simple
Hiking 2: 3h30min, +1050 m, moderate
Transfer: approx. 160 km / 2h10min

Day 6: Climbing Mt. Olympus

Early in the morning we climb the peak Skolio, at 2912m, with panoramic view to the other peaks of Mt. Olympus, the sea and even to Mt. Athos; under favorable weather conditions. We return to the refuge and we eventually to Prionia. In case of adverse weather conditions, we do an alternative, through less demanding, hike with panoramic view and then walk down to Prionia. In the afternoon, swimming in the sea is possible at the beach of Litochoro. Overnight in Litochoro or Paleos Panteleimon or Plaka.
Hiking: +850 m/-1870 m, 8 h, moderate-demanding

Day 7: Hiking through Enippeas Gorge

After breakfast, we get transferred to Prionia and then we hike through the stunning beauty of the shadowed peaceful gorge of Enippeas, towards the village of Litochoro. In the afternoon, we relax by the beach.
Hiking: +850 m/-1870 m, 8 h, moderate-demanding

Day 8: Farewell

Today this beautiful adventure in Northern Greece ends and we return to Thessaloniki (city or the airport). Farewell or next adventure or holidays extension.
Transfer: approx. 90 - 120 km / 1h - 1h20min


5 moderate to demanding hikes and 1 simple walk
Not intended for professional athletes though a good shape is required.
Equipment: hiking shoes, hiking sticks (very useful), day backpack, raincoat.


Possible on days 6, 7, 8


From 1040 EUR


- Transfers as described in the itinerary
- Greek English-speaking tour leader
- Accommodation 6 overnights (5 in 2-3 stars hotels in double rooms with WC and shower and 1 night in a mountain hut)
- Meals: Breakfast in the hotel, Picnic or light meal in a tavern for lunch (expt. d1,8) / Diner in a tavern, the hut or the hotel (expt. d1)
- Professional liability insurance
- VAT 24% and all taxes*


- Overnight in Thessaloniki
- Single room


- Flights to/from Greece
- Drinks/beverages/snacks/other meals
- Entry fees in museums and excavations
- Ferry ticket to Ammouliani
- Excursions describe as optional
- Travel Insurance
- Overnight city tax* (locally paid to the reception of each hotel)

  • Mount Olympos
  • Meteora
  • Thessaloniki
  • Zagori
  • Vikos Gorge
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