Southern Greece Cycling Holidays; Peloponnese and Delphi

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05/04/2020, 10/05/2020, 31/05/2020, 21/06/2020, 12/07/2020, 06/09/2020, 11/10/2020
This is an adventure cycling and cultural holiday in the South of Greece. For almost one week you enjoy cycling though the beautiful Greek countryside, swimming in crystalline sea, visiting picturesque villages and typical provincial towns, meeting local people, tasting locally produced delicacies and of course visiting the major archeological sites of Southern Greece. Delphi, Olympia, Epidaurus, Mycenae, Mystras, Epikourios Apollon; all of them listed as UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Sites. Experience the essence of Southern Greece in this wonderful 6-days journey!


Day 1: The Mountain of the Nymphs and a Byzantine monastery

In the morning you meet your tour leader and leave Athens. At the region of Boeotia, you ride your bikes and go cycling along the slopes of Helicon Mountain. You visit the byzantine monastery of Osios Loukas, with its fantastic mosaics and possible to make a picnic pose. Short transfer to the plateau of Desfina to go cycling again through typical Mediterranean landscapes, towards the Corinthian gulf. Swimming at the end of the ride! Transfer to Delphi; a picturesque town built on the slopes of Mount Parnassos. Overnight in Delphi.
Cycling: Elikon Mountain, 27km, + 500m / -650m, moderate
Cycling: Desfina – Corinthian Gulf, 10-15km, + 150m / - 600m, simple to moderate

Day 2: Delphi; the navel of the world. Trip to the Peloponnese

During the antiquity, Delphi was considered to be the center of the world, where the famous Apollo’s oracle was located. After breakfast you visit the archaeological site and museum. Then, you go cycling through the sacred olive grove, towards Itea; on the Corinthian Gulf. Time for swimming. Transfer, via the coastal road and the cable bridge over the Antirio-Rio Straights, to the west part of the Peloponnese and the port-town of Katakolo. 2 overnights in Katakolo.
Cycling: Delphi – Itea, 16km, -500m, simple to moderate

Day 3: The cradle of the Olympic Games

In the morning transfer to Ancient Olympia, in order to visit the site where, in 776 B.C, the first Olympic Games took place and where every 4 years (for over a millenary) they were organized. After visiting the archeological site and museum, you go cycling through the countryside of the legendary land of Elis, partly following Alpheios river, towards its Delta. Swimming stop at the end of the ride.
Cycling: 25km, +110m /-130m (mainly flat), moderate

Day 4: Wonderland Arcadia

After breakfast your vehicle will take you to Bassae, where into the mountainous solitude you visit the temple of Apollo Epikourios; a real masterpiece! From there, you go cycling through the serene Arcadian landscape towards Karytaina; a picturesque provincial town with a beautiful castle. Transfer to Mystras; at the foothills of Taygetos Mountain. Overnight in Mystras.
Cycling: Bassae – Krytaina, 42km, + 280m / - 1010m, moderate

Day 5: The Byzantine citadel of Mystras and the land of legendary Spartans

In the morning you take your time to visit the byzantine citadel of Mystras. Afterwards you go cycling in the legendary land of Laconia, at the foothills of Mt. Taygetos and through the valley of Evrotas river; a rural area, which is covered mainly with olive and orange groves. After your lunch pose; transfer towards the north-east. Near Achladokampos; a village on the south slopes of Mt. Artemision, between Arcadia and Argolide, you ride again your bikes and go downhill, on a road with panoramic view to the gulf of Argos. Transfer to the coastal village of Tolo. Overnight in Tolo.
Cycling: Lakonia, 15km, mainly flat, simple
Cycling: Achladokampos – Myli, 15km, -575m, moderate

Day 6: The historical region of Argolis

Today, you explore the region of Argolis; a lively rural area, with extremely reach history and mythology. Nafplion; the first capital of the modern Greek state is located there and so do two major archeological sites: Mycenae and Epidaurus; the historical highlights of Argolis. You visit both sites and go cycling through a hilly landscape and along the coast of the Argolic gulf. There will be time for swimming! Transfer to Athens, via the Canal of Corinth. Farewell!
Cycling: 27km, + 120m / - 480m, moderate




- Delphi: The Navel of the world
- Olympia: The cradle of the Olympic Games
- Bassae: The temple of Epikourios Apollo; a real masterpiece
- Mystras: The mighty Byzantine castle-town
- Mycenae: The Bronze Age citadel with its Cyclopean Walls and the Lion’s Gate
- Epidaurus: The sanctuary of Asclepius and the ancient theater; a marvel of acoustics and harmony
- Nafplion: The picturesque old capital; a coastal Neoclassical town


- 8 generally easy to moderate bicycle tours 15- 42km, on low traffic asphalt roads with small dirt sections
- Not intended for professional athletes but for cyclist in good shape


From 1184 EUR
Single room supplement: 130 EUR


- Transfer in private vehicle for the whole tour (the car will follow you during cycling)
- Excursions as described in the program
- 5 overnights in good, well-located middle-class hotels or guesthouses
- Breakfast in the hotel
- A well-maintained trekking bicycle with equipment
- Driver / Tour leader for the whole tour but not for the cycling
- Professional liability insurance
- VAT 24%


- Tour Leader for the cycling for the whole tour
- Meals: picnic or light meal in a tavern for lunch, dinner in traditional tavern or the hotel (Locally paid)
- Cultural guide for the visits on the arch. sites (Locally paid)
- Transfers from/to the airport (upon request)
- Accommodation in Athens before and/or after the tour
- Single, triple, family room


- Flights to/from Greece
- Entries in museums and excavation sites
- Cultural guide for the visits on the arch. sites (upon request)
- Transfer from/to the airport
- Meals other than breakfast (optional)
- Snacks / Drinks / beverages / tips
- Travel insurance
- Overnight city tax (to be paid at the hotel reception)


Ask also for our long version of the Southern Greece Cycling Adventure, of 14 days!

  • Delfi
  • Olympia
  • Mystras
  • Nafplio
  • Mycenae
  • Ancient Epidaurus
  • Athens
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