Cruising, Cycling and Hiking to the islands of the Saronic Gulf

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This is a 7-days cycling experience in a friendly archipelago very close to the Greek capital. You explore the island of Aegina, the neighbor island of Agistri, Poros, Hydra, Spetses and the volcanic peninsula of Methana. Sanctuaries of ancient gods, Christian churches, volcanoes and thermal springs; only 1h30min from Piraeus and you find yourself in another world.
Aegina: a beautiful Greek Island with its neoclassical main town, a traditional fishing port, beautiful countryside with olive trees, vineyards and everywhere pistachio trees; Aegina is the pistachio island, “Aegina nuts” are called the pistachios in Greek. You will have the chance to visit the huge pilgrimage church of St. Nektarios; one of the most recent saints of the Orthodox Church, the medieval Palaea Chora on the top of a mountain where only some painted churches and the castle’s ruins are still preserved, Mt. Oros; the island’s highest mountain where Zeus was revered; a church stands today on the ruins of his sanctuary. According to Greek Mythology, Aegina herself was the beloved of Zeus, their son Aeakos became judge in the underworld and his grandchildren fought against the Trojans. Last but not least, the cultural highlight of Aegina, the sanctuary of Aphaia: a mysterious goddess whose legend connects her with Crete and the Minoan religion. This is one of the most beautiful Greek temples!
Methana: an island-like volcanic peninsula where there are famous thermal baths and an ancient acropolis; the volcano of Kameni Chora was still active in historical times.
Hydra: a magnificent island where cars and motorcycles are not allowed, so visitors walk through its particularly beautiful traditional settlement; stony paths over bare rocky hillsides lead to small beaches and lonely chapels.
Spetses: a wooded island with a picturesque old harbor surrounded by a traditional settlement and several lovely beaches. The old sea-captains’ houses are witnesses of the past prosperity of the island due to seafaring and trade in the 18th and 19th centuries, whilst luxurious modern villas reflect today’s preference of rich and distinguished people for its beauty.
Poros: another splendid wooded Greek Island very close to the east coast of the Peloponnese, with a picturesque main town which had been a place of pilgrimage of the sea god Poseidon; little is preserved from his sanctuary.
Agistri: a lovely wooded small island that has lived in the shadow of history. It is calm, picturesque and relaxing.


Day 1: Welcome! Trip to Aegina

This beautiful multiactivity adventure starts today from the port of Piraeus. Departure to Aegina Island. Overnight on board in Aegina
Navigation time: approx. 2 h 30 min

Day 2: Cycling tour and optional walk on Aegina Island

After breakfast, you ride your bikes and go cycling through the beautiful countryside of Aegina where olive trees, vineyards and pistachio trees characterize the landscape. You visit the Monastery of St. Nektarios with its monumental pilgrimage church and the temple of Aphaia; one of the most beautiful Greek temples, dedicated to a mysterious ancient goddess whose legend connects her with Crete and the Minoan religion. You pass by the coastal town of Agia Marina, Anitsaeu and the Sanctuary of Hellanios Zeus. Opportunity for a short hike on Mt. Oros, the island’s highest mountain, at 531 m, where Zeus was revered and a chapel stands today on the ruins of his sanctuary. Take your time to enjoy the spectacular view from its peak. You eventually return to the town of Aegina. Departure to Methana. Overnight on board in Methana.
Cycling: approx. 44 km, + 1000 m / - 1000 m, round-trip, moderate (circular ride)
Walking: approx. + 280 m / -280 m, 1 h 45 min round-trip, moderate (forth n back)
Navigation: approx. 2h

Day 3: Cycling and hiking in the island-like volcanic peninsula of Methana

Today you explore Methana. From the town of Methana (thermal springs) you go cycling through the beautiful landscapes of this volcanic land; passing by Megalochori and Vathi. From Kameni Chora you go hiking to the volcano and enjoy the panoramic view on the Saronic Gulf. You walk down, you ride your bikes and you eventually return to the port; partly on an alternative route. Panoramic view of the Saronic Gulf. Back to the port, partly on an alternative route (A). It is also possible to continue through the pine wood to the upper parts of the island and descend to the harbor by the other side; on a circular ride (B). Departure to Hydra Island. Overnight on board in Hydra
Cycling: A. approx. 29 km, + 600 m / - 600 m, moderate / B. approx. 44 km, + 1400 m / - 1400 m, moderate – demanding
Walking: approx. + 100 m / - 100 m, 45 min round-trip, moderate
Navigation: approx. 2 h 30 min

Day 4: Explore the picturesque and arid historical island of Hydra (3 to 4 hours)

It’s time to discover the beauties of Hydra Island; where cars are forbidden! You walk around the picturesque village of Hydra and you go hiking on Mount Eros up to its peak with panoramic view, at 588 m. Departure to Spetses Island. Overnight on board in Spetses
Walking: approx. + 600 m / -600 m, 4 h round-trip, moderate
Navigation time: approx. 2 h

Day 5: Panoramic cycling tour on the island of Spetses: traditional settlement, pine forest and dream beaches

Today you go cycling around the island of Spetses, on almost traffic-free roads, though its pine forest and several beaches to choose for swimming. You will have time to visit the traditional main town and harbor of the island. Departure to Dokos Island. Stop for swimming and a walk. You continue to Poros Island. Overnight on board on Poros.
Cycling: approx. 25 km, + 600 m / - 600 m, moderate
Navigation time: approx. 4 h

Day 6: Poros Island: A pine forest, Ancient sanctuaries, a Monastery and a traditional settlement

Today you ride your bikes and explore Poros; a green island, close to the coast of Argolis. You circumnavigate a large part of the island, arrive to the Poseidon Sanctuary and the monastery of Zoodochos Pigi. In the afternoon it will be time to visit the picturesque harbor town and to swim. Departure to Agistri Island. Overnight on board in Agistri
Cycling: approx. 23 km, +440 m / - 440 m, moderate
Navigation time: approx. 2 h 30 min

Day 7: The island of Agistri: Small, quiet and picturesque

Today you explore Agistri, the last island of this beautiful journey. Cycling tour from Skala via Metochi and Mylos to Limenaria, back through the pine-wooded inland. Departure to Piraeus. Overnight on board in Piraeus.
Cycling: approx. 22 km, + 410 m / - 410 m, partly on dirt road, moderate
Navigation time: approx. 3 h

Day 8: Athens: six thousand years of history. Farewell!

Today this unforgettable multiactivity tour ends. If time, you can visit Athens and go for a walking tour around the Acropolis. Transfer to the airport (on request).


From 811 EUR per person


- Cruising from island to island (from/to Piraeus)
- Accommodation on board
- Meals: Breakfast / Dinner on board
- Bicycle and equipment for the whole tour
- Tour leader for the whole tour (for the cycling and the hiking as well)
- Professional liability insurance
- VAT 24 %


- Transfers from / to the port of Piraeus
- Optional visit in Athens


- Entry fees to museums and excavations
- Lunch, snacks, drinks, beverages
- Personal travel insurance
  • Aegina
  • Poros
  • Spetses
  • Hydra
  • Agistri
  • Methana
  • Piraeus
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