Covid-19 updates

Outdoor is healthy and safe for everybody

Dear Travelers, Dear Guests, Dear Partners and Colleagues,


Our way of life and the way we work, the type of tourism we serve, they are by their own “covid low-risk”. We hike and we bike, we travel in nature. Outdoor is healthy and safe for everybody. We avoid overcrowded places, popular destinations in high-season, large hotel complexes, all-inclusive and we travel in small groups. Our team, our partners and providers anyway keep all the hygiene measures, independently from covid-19: Our equipment is thoroughly cleaned after every trip and before another guest uses it and so do our vehicles. As for the accommodations, which are mainly family-owned, hygiene, cleanness and comfort are primary criteria.


What we do differently this year and until this crisis is past:



- We only ask you a small advance deposit to secure your booking

- Full payment is due 3 weeks before your trip

- We guaranty full refund for cancellation from your part up to 6 weeks prior the departure

- If you cancel your trip 6-3 weeks prior the departure, you can postpone your trip and either transfer the dates of your trip without any extra charge or ask for a credit voucher, valid for the next two years (only valid for our company).



- We recommend you to choose private departures, available from 2 travelers.

- However, if you wish to integrate a group, we do everything possible to minimize possible risks



- We do not prepare and offer you a picnic. Each guest is responsible for his personal snack/food during the picnic stops.



- Only private transport, exclusively for your group

- Number of passengers according the actual temporary restrictions


Personal protective measures (according the actual temporary regulations)

- Indoors and during the transfers, all people are obliged to wear a mask that covers nose and mouth.

- We strongly recommend you to choose masks that have a low environmental impact.

- Each traveler is responsible for his mask. However, there are some spare single-use masks, just in case of failure or lost.


Ferry boats

- We follow the actual temporary government restrictions.


Archaeological sites and museums

- We follow the actual temporary government restrictions.


We, as a Travel Company, we will not ask you for a health certificate, a negative covid-test or a vaccination certificate. However, we rely on your responsibility as citizens and responsible travelers and we trust you to postpone your trip if you have fever and/or respiratory symptoms such as cough or shortness of breath or other that are suspicious for covid-19 infection. In the unfortunate event that during your trip you develop any suspicious symptoms as described previously, you must immediately advise us and avoid contact with any other people. Please note that all the accommodations, as required by the regulations, they have specific protocols, which we and you have to follow.


We, as a Travel Company, we totaly understand the gravity of the current situation and we do not intent to use the pandemic and the “COVID-safe” moto as a marketing tool. We fully respect life, health and human dignity and for that we deny to enter in this mass hysteria.

Are-there COVID-free destinations? Nobody can claim that nor the contrary.

However, there is certainly a COVID-low-risk way of traveling!


Greek summer is definitely not a state of mind; it is a wonderful reality! Greece is a beautiful incredibly diverse country with healthy climate and innumerous fantastic destinations, perfect for nature and activity holidays away from over-advertised crowded places; not only at its thousands of miles of coastline, innumerable beaches and islands but also in its mountainous inland, its dense forests, lovely meadows and rare protected ecosystems. This year probably your local hosts won’t shake your hand but, even if they wear a mask, their warmth and kindness will be seen in their bright eyes, reassuring you that you will live, as usual, a great travel experience in Greece!

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