Authentic Greece family-friendly holidays

Unique adventure family travel experiences in Greece!

Live authentic travel experiences in Greece with your family in a tailor made adventure tour.

Enjoy Greek nature, travel through pure Mediterranean landscapes, visit picturesque towns and traditional villages, visit unique historical places and cultural sites, meet friendly locals, taste the traditional Greek cuisine and participate in activities tailored in your needs and wills.Walking, cycling, swimming, snorkeling, boating, kayaking, rafting, ecotours, open air games, guided cultural visits, thematic tours and more!

Discover the essence of Greece away from crowded places, too advertised destinations and all inclusive adventure parks.

Most of our tours are family friendly and they can be adapted at the age and needs of our guests. However, we can create upon request your customized unforgettable family active holidays in Greece!

A week or longer holidays? Just a family active weekend? Contact us with your request!

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