Arcadia Summer Holidays

Unique travel experiences in the Peloponnese

From Erymanthos River on the west and the dense woods of Mainalon in the mountainous heart of the Peloponnese, to the endless sparkling blue of the Myrtoan Sea on the east coast and from the north wall of the high peaks of Mt. Chelmos and Erymanthos, to the foothills of Taygetos and Parnon Mountain on the south; extends the land of Arcadia. An ancient kingdom, a mythical place, a mainly mountainous remote serein place, a very little advertised destination; Arcadia offers you unique short-stays or multiday tours. From challenging hikes and MTB tours, to leisure walks and cycling for all, from cultural sightseeing to ecotours, from hidden archeological treasures to fantastic wine tours, from mountain trekking throughout the year to winter sports, from nature adventures to beach and swimming holidays. Be it guided or self-guided, intense or leisure activity tours; contact us in order to create your unforgettable travel experience in the Peloponnese!

Our tours in Arcadia:

- Trekking in Mt Mainalon; following the European certified “Mainalon Trail”
- MTB holidays in the mountainous heart of the Peloponnese; biking on the mountains Mainalon, Artemisio, Lykaion and Aphrodisio
- Walking and cycling holidays; walking on trails in the fir forest and/or cycling onto scenic low- (or no-) traffic roads
- Family walking and nature tours; simple hikes, visits and sightseeing 
- Traditional villages and wine testing
- Bike and wine tours; biking through the foothills of Mt Mainalon and the plain of Mantineia, an important viticultural region of Greece
- Active weekends; walking or cycling or winter and sightseeing 2-days tours from Athens

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