Your Responsible Active Holidays in Greece!

Our beautiful walking & cultural journey in Karpathos and Rhodes, our unforgettable hiking tour in Naxos and Amorgos and our beyond the ordinary walking holiday in Kythnos are featured now at Responsible Travel.

We are members of this community since May 2017, when our Responsible Travel Policy has been officially published in our new website. We decided to take this step as we anyway, with our work and actions, promote the so called Responsible Tourism, since the creation of our business.

Our other officially "Responsible holidays" are our fantastic self-guided Cyclades cycling holiday, our off the beaten track self-drive “Great tour” of the Peloponnese and our extreme hiking adventure to Northern Greece.

Even more motivated and full of dreams yet with both feet to the ground we continue to create and plan beautiful adventure holidays in Greece, out of the ordinary, for our estimated guests!
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